The Good and the Bad of Thread Lifts

You’ll only get a good six to 12 months of lifting before the threads will need to be redone. “I would not recommend it over a facelift as the results are inferior and it is short-lasting,” said Park Avenue plastic surgeon Melissa Doft, MD. If someone is terrified of undergoing a facelift surgery, it is a simpler option that does not require anesthesia. If a patient is not ready for a facelift as they have minimal sagging, it may be a good option.

“Threads do not have the ability to change volume, but a facelift does as it’s a two-layered operation,” Doft said. “While many people will have a second one in 10 to 15 years, unlike thread lifts they actually remove skin to create a permanent tightness.”

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The Good and the Bad of Thread Lifts