How to Overline Your Lips, According to Makeup Artists

If you don’t know what getting lip fillers entails, let me take you to cosmetic enhancement school real quick. It’s a service in which a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon injects the lips with hyaluronic acid — a humectant that attracts water molecules to the site to enhance plumpness — into the lips to give them a temporarily fuller look. Typically, filler lasts for six months to a year, but, according to cosmetic surgeon Melissa Doft, the rate at which your body metabolizes the filler depends on your individual metabolism, meaning, that the faster someone’s metabolism is, the quicker lip fillers will dissolve and lose their appearance.

Sadly, my lip fillers have reached that stage where they have metabolized. Until I can get back in Doft’s chair I have been left to my devices, which, in my case, is a lip liner. Whether your fillers are dissolving like mine or you just want to master the art of overlining (it really is an art), I reached out to makeup artists to provide some tips and tricks on how to learn how to overline the lips like a true professional.

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