Men Are Getting Botox to Cure Resting Bitch Face

We met with Dr. Melissa Doft, a board-certified plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side in New York City, to discuss. Upon entering her Park Avenue office, ONE37pm’s culture editor (and resident grooming guinea pig) Brian Anthony Hernandez was tasked with filling out eight pages of intake forms. “We are a doctor’s office, after all,” the perky receptionist said.

Once behind closed doors, Dr. Doft opened up about the true severity of the resting bitch face epidemic. On that Thursday alone, she had treated three men of varying ages for their angry appearance. One, a 30-year-old, was concerned with premature aging, while another, a man around 45, wanted to appear less severe in the boardroom. Needless to say, the modern man—though he may not express it outside a doctor’s office or this particularly enlightening Reddit thread—is concerned with appearing too stern.

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