Microneedling Gave Me the Glowiest Skin of My Life

I met with plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft in her Park Avenue office to chat about everything microneedling, plus experience the procedure myself. It turns out, there’s a lot that’s in your hands when it comes to having a great microneedling experience.

Here’s her expert advice on getting the glowiest skin ever, plus the steps I took to have the best microneedling experience possible.

“Watch out for over-exfoliation or anything that’s a little bit harsher,” Dr. Doft advised. “You want to have your skin in its most calm state beforehand.”

The last thing I wanted to do before dragging a bunch of needles across my face was send my skin into a freak-out spiral using too many actives. My usual routine includes a moisturizer with alpha-hydroxy acids and bakuchiol, but I decided to be cautious and set it aside for a while in lieu of something milder.

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