Thank you for an afternoon of no pain, no strain and complete satisfaction! I feel fortunate to have been the recipient of your excellent care!
I’m so appreciative of my new look! Thanks very much!

Dear Dr. Doft, Thank you for your great work on my lip.  If it took “taking a fall” to meet you , it was worth it!  I so appreciate your kindness and skills.  Please enjoy a small token of my gratitude for coming out at midnight and still smiling and putting me at ease.

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Doft! I first met her when I wanted to have a little Botox. I was very nervous and she took a very long time with me to calm my nerves. I have been going to her for the past couple years and this year finally decided to have my eyes done. I felt that my eyes looked tired and my bags were getting bigger. I could no longer conceal them with make-up any more. I had surgery about a month ago and could not be happier. Dr. Doft is skillful, knowledgeable, and has an incredible bedside manner. She made the whole process so easy and I could not be happier with the results! Anyone who is considering having surgery should meet with Dr. Doft first.

Not only was Dr. Doft my first and only consultation, but I am certain that I never would have had the courage to have my nose fixed if it wasn’t for her. Dr. Doft represents a rare breed of physician who is not just exceptionally skilled, but whose bedside manner and level of care leave a lasting impact. From the moment I met her, I knew she was the right surgeon for me and I booked my rhinoplasty without looking at a single one of her before and after photos. My results are perfect. I could not be happier with my new nose, but what truly separates Dr. Doft from other world class plastic surgeons is her desire to do more than what is required and add extra finishing touches without even being asked. I traveled across the country for my surgery and Dr. Doft and her office manager, Michelle, could not have been more accommodating. Every single detail of her Park Avenue office is thoughtful and sophisticated, and the level of comfort and privacy I experienced was incredible. I will be a patient of hers for life and I cannot thank her enough. She is the best of the best.

Dr. Doft is simply stated, THE BEST. I consulted with doctors for many years considering breast reduction, yet never felt right about going through with the procedure. Dr. Doft is kind, easy to speak to, extremely approachable pre and post procedure for concerns or questions, I  highly recommend Dr. Doft.
We cannot thank you enough for what you did for [our son]. Your calm approach, kind smile and patience to indulge [his] every thought and question turned a very scary moment into a positive experience that he loves to talk about. Our deepest appreciation!
My mother and I wanted to thank you so very much for your fantastic and loving care when my mother had fallen. We are eternally grateful both for your kindness and amazing results! You can barely tell she was ever injured and that helped her physically and psychologically in a great way!
I wanted to express my deepest gratitude towards you. You are a very warm and caring doctor and I can tell that you take great care of all of your patients.
I am sending you a new client…she needs to be “Dofted”!
Dear Dr. Doft,

Perhaps, I should entitle this note, “Better late than never”. First, because it has been a year since you performed surgery for my gynecomastia and I promised to update you. Second, because I waited until I was 60 to overcome the fear and doubt associated with the condition and the medical procedure.

As you can imagine, there are so many things a man my age can identify as life changing events. Marriage, children, grandchildren, career, and retirement are all there. But, looking back over the past year, I must place this procedure among them.

While almost all who know me would label me the extremely self-confident sort, few knew how low my self-esteem was regarding my body image. Of course, I could rationalize the genetics, weight issues, and social-economics that leant to my condition. The problem was that even as I improved my health, exercise and lifestyle, the problem lingered. Perhaps just as much in my mind as my body.

You know the fortuitous event the led me to your office. Stepping through your office door was the most difficult part of the whole procedure. I could not imagine a more comforting hand leading my way. Your office and staff, the operating procedure, the recovery and follow up were simply amazing.

In the past year I have tossed so many “undershirts” out, purchased slim fit shirts, swam the Great Barrier Reef bare chested, and hung pool side in Positano. I can now do all this with confidence, comfort, and a smile.

I am sure that many of your male patients may be hesitant about this procedure so please feel free to share this note with them and wish them luck. As an inside joke for us “dudes” tell them that I now look forward to being picked by the “skins” for a pick up basketball game!

We just want to thank you so much for going above and beyond last night. We have never met a doctor so kind-hearted, involved, and truly special. You are one in a million.

There are simply not enough superlatives to describe my experience with Dr. Doft. From start to finish, my expectations were exceeded in every way possible. First and foremost, the surgery was perfection. The beautiful work itself, coupled with a recovery that was a breeze (I was walking 3 miles about 2 days following my surgery)- made the entire journey beyond worth it. The icing on the cake was Dr. Doft’s incredible kindness, compassion, and responsiveness. She is bright, talented, and caring. Plus- the process and logistics were seamless thanks to Michelle.  From insurance coverage to ensuring all pre-procedure measures to minimize recovery issues, the sheer ease helped allay any fears.  I could write a book-but suffice to say, there is no other practice to entrust your surgery to than Doft MD.

Hartford, Connecticut
I wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to experience a little of your magic world. I will be coming back for more, that’s for sure!
I would definitely recommend Dr. Doft for her attention to detail and meticulous approach to medicine and my issues.
First of all I really can’t thank you enough for last night! My entire family was singing your praises all day today and just couldn’t believe that you could be so kind as to open up your office last night.  You were so wonderful with our daughter.  She LOVED you.
And thanks so much again for all of the help and guidance — my life is exponentially better than before I met you. :)  XO

Dr. Doft-Working with you has been a pleasure!  I plan to send my jealous friends to you!

Your talent is well suited to French women in particular. You are able to make us feel attractive and elegant in a way that seems natural and effortless.
Experienced, gentle, and conservative. Everything I wanted!
I had a consultation with Dr. Doft about possible treatments to address my sunken cheeks. I was immediately struck by Dr. Doft’s knowledge and demeanor, both of which put me at ease. She recommended fillers, and patiently explained the process and why she thought that was the best course of action for me. I was fully confident with her recommendation, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! My cheeks looked plumper, and the lines around my mouth nearly disappeared. And yet the results were subtle enough that I didn’t feel self-conscious. I looked younger and felt more confident. The procedure itself was quick, and Dr. Doft kept me feeling calm and comfortable despite my fear of needles with her patience.
I’m filming my second feature and boy, the bottom line is, I simply don’t have to worry about my face at all anymore on or off film. I just keep on getting compliments on my looks. I’ve been in an intensive workout regime so the body is matching the face (and as I shed pounds, my face looks better, not older). You seem to have hit the bulls-eye right at the sweet spot. Nobody, and I mean nobody ever thinks I’ve had surgery, and when they find out, they are astounded. Totally amazed. I get compliments on having “beautiful eyes” all the time on set or “you’re really a handsome man”… it really is humbling. And I have you to thank. Also, one of the co-stars in that “Italian” film was totally flabbergasted when he learned what I had done. Totally couldn’t believe it. He thought it looked so natural. But I’m just deeply grateful for your hard work and your caring and your expertise. It’s like knowing a great artist…. for real!!
I finally got my ears done at 31 years old! I have wanted otoplasty my whole life because my ears have made me self conscious! Dr. Doft is amazing, my ears do not stick out any longer and they look natural! I love wearing my hair up now! I also had a breast implant revision because my kept bottoming out and she fixed it and I am no longer in pain and they look great! She is a lovely person inside and out! Thank you Dr. Doft!
I grew up hating my profile and never wanting to pull back my hair! Earlier this year, I made the decision to have my nose done. My sister is a physician and helped me research many doctors online. I met with my favorite three in Manhattan and choose to have surgery with Dr. Doft. Now I am three months post-surgery and could not be happier. You can take my picture from any direction! Dr. Doft was patient, extremely knowledgeable, and took the time to really understand what I wanted. The procedure was surprisingly not painful and I recovered very quickly. I was back to work in a week. I have been getting compliments from everyone I know, saying that this is the most natural nose job that they have ever seen! Even more, Dr. Doft is a delight to work with. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. She called me the night before the surgery to ease my nerves and called me the night afterwards to make sure I was ok. I could not recommend Dr. Doft more highly. Everyone should go to her!!!
Dr Doft’s care was excellent. Very patient, flexible and understanding. This made the process much easier.

I have no doubt that Dr. Doft is the best Plastic Surgeon in NYC. I got a breast reduction done by her after meeting with several PSs for months before. Meeting Dr. Doft was such a gift. I recommend anyone in NYC needing a breast reduction (or rhinoplasty/other plastic surgery) to go to her.

Portfolio: her portfolio of breast reductions were absolutely beautiful! I saw several other PS’s portfolios and didn’t get particularly excited. I needed the breast reduction for pain reasons, but I was just going to accept “okay” looking breasts after seeing the other PS’s portfolios. This mindset changed once I saw Dr. Doft’s portfolio. She makes your breasts look SO beautiful. As a young woman, I actually got excited about getting the surgery, rather than simply feeling like I have to get it done for pain reasons. I can only imagine that her other work is just as beautiful. If I ever get around to future plastic surgery, I plan to fly to NYC just to be treated by her. She is THAT good. As an added bonus, she is such a respectful, thoughtful person that she doesn’t post her photos on the internet. You must go in to protect the privacy of her patients. It takes a really lovely doctor to put her patients’ privacy above marketing herself.

My experience: I am 2 days out from surgery now. My breasts already look great and they don’t hurt. She is a miracle worker! I went from like a G/H to maybe a C/D. I have no doubt her work will change my life –
I will no longer be in constant pain.

Personality: Dr. Doft is as lovely in personality as she is skilled in plastic surgery. She is so kind, down-to-earth, and non-pretentious. For how skilled she is, she really deserves to be pretentious, but she isn’t. She made me feel so comfortable, not judged, and really listened to my concerns. She’s the type of person you immediately feel comfortable with.

Thank you, Dr. Doft for being so amazing!

Dr. Doft is one of the kindest doctors that you will ever meet. She went above and beyond for me and my family…and I love my new nose!
Much of the treatment experience was a direct result of the fabulous patient care and bedside manner of Dr. Doft. The experience might not have been as positive if the physician were clinical or reserved. When dealing with newborns and a parent’s insecurity, the parents really need someone who is relaxed and not rushing through visits.

Such a Fantastic Experience and Beautiful Results

I would encourage everyone to go and see Dr. Doft – she is incredibly thoughtful and my results were absolutely beautiful. I lost a meaningful amount of weight and was so proud of my overall transformation (mentally and physically), but there were parts of my body that made me insecure including my breasts and some pockets of fat.

During my consultation, Dr. Doft listened carefully and also had an intuitive sense as a woman of what I wanted, but couldn’t seem to verbalize. I knew in that moment that I had found the right surgeon. I felt instantly comfortable with her and her office manager (Michelle) was incredibly thoughtful in getting everything set up. On my day of surgery, Dr. Doft talked me through the details, and everything went incredibly well.

My results are just beautiful and its been only six weeks – I am so happy to see my body and to see a reflection that matches how I saw myself on the inside. I am truly so grateful to Dr. Doft, and I would highly recommend her.

I thank you in volumes in the manner in which you handled this procedure from the initial consult to post-surgery. I doubt I would have been comfortable enough with any other physician. It was as much an emotional journey as a physical one. I am sure many, if not all of your patients with body image issues need your comforting guidance.
Thank you so very much for your professionalism and wonderful work you did. I cannot begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for helping me “through the process”. I feel like a new person!