Should I Keep My Skincare Products in the Fridge?

If you’re a skincare aficionado, then you’re aware that using only the freshest ingredients or maintaining tightly-sealed containers will keep your complexion looking its best. After all, there’s a reason why beauty products, like food, come with expiration dates. While knowing when to keep or toss your most trusted formulas is essential, there’s something to be said about storing them in a chilly climate too. “By placing products in the fridge, they will have a longer shelf life [especially if they’re organic or preservative-free] and will be exposed to less bacteria,” Melissa Doft, a NYC-based board-certified plastic surgeon, says. She explains that a drop in temperature, paired with the darkness a refrigerator offers, also means a higher efficacy of vitamins (vitamin C and retinol in particular) since they won’t spoil from sunlight exposure. As an added bonus, colder temperatures can help decrease inflammation and puffiness.

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