The More Chiseled Me

“Look at Greek and Roman art and you’ll see strong chins,” says plastic surgeon Melissa Doft, M.D., in her office on New York’s Upper East Side. “Even in ancient times, this was an aesthetic ideal.”

I came to her wondering about a chin implant, something she said could be performed in her office under local anesthesia. Traditionally, she might suggest one as an add-on to a rhinoplasty to balance the proportions of the face, but many of her male clients are starting to ask for it specifically. Even without the nose job, she typically pairs one with liposuction around the neck to define the jawline and adjustments under the eyes to bring out the cheekbones. For me, even that wouldn’t be enough. Dr. Doft told me I would also need to remove my buccal fat pads (the fatty areas inside the cheeks). She would make tiny incisions just above the upper molars to remove them. Then she would use a cannula, a narrow tube attached to a syringe, to remove the fat under my chin.

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