The Surprising Way Rihanna Is Influencing Plastic Surgery Trends

According to NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft, “There are several different noses that people come in asking for. There’s always a new nose everyone wants.” Dr. Doft said that celebrities like Meghan Markle and Justin Bieber have some of the top requested schnozes out there. “Rihanna’s nose definitely gets commented on,” she added.

What makes Rihanna’s nose so covetable isn’t necessarily because people want an exact replica but, rather, they’re trying to make things look proportional. “They like the symmetry, the little upturn, and the fact that it’s straight,” Dr. Doft said. “It doesn’t project too far from their face.”

Dr. Doft said that most clients don’t want to dramatically alter their faces and become clones of celebrities. “The thing people most often say is, ‘I don’t want to look different. I want to look like myself, but I want it all to work better,'” she said.

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