Is the “Thread Lift” the New Face-Lift? We Asked Plastic Surgeons

The procedure is done under local anesthesia (which, yes, means patients are awake as large needles are virtually sewn under their skin — eek!), and typically requires little downtime of about two to three days due to post-operative swelling, bruising, and “bunching,” says Melissa Doft of New York City’s Doft Plastic Surgery. Because of the dissolvable threads, the treatment can last up to six months.

Unlike a traditional surgical face-lift, the thread lift doesn’t involve incisions or “deep-tissue manipulation,” says Smith. “This means that, one: It is a much easier process for the patient (like getting fillers as opposed to getting a facelift), but, two: It can’t achieve a result of the same magnitude or longevity of a traditional face-lift.”

Doft agrees — nothing, especially not a procedure like the thread lift, will replace the OG face-lift. “It’s the gold standard of facial rejuvenation — nothing is able to redefine the jawline or correct an aging neck like a face-lift,” she says. But, for those who might not be able to afford the time-honored treatment, the thread lift is a viable, FDA–cleared second choice.

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Is the “Thread Lift” the New Face-Lift? We Asked Plastic Surgeons