Why You Should Wear Sunscreen, Even in Quarantine

According to Melissa Doft M.D., a clinical assistant professor of surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College who has her own private plastic surgery practice in New York City, using an antioxidant and vitamin C-rich serum in addition to sunscreen can help combat the negative effects of any electronic-related damage already incurred thus far in quarantine, or before.

“Blue light has been shown to cause free radicals, leading to collagen breakdown and fine lines, so you might want to also consider using a computer shield as an extra cautionary measure too,” she suggests.

While we’re at it, there are a couple more SPF myths Dr. Doft would like to bust now that she has your attention: no sunscreen, (and that includes those labeled waterproof and water-resistant, sweatproof and sweat-resistant) lasts all day. “It’s essential to reapply sunscreen every two hours,” she warns, if you want to protect your skin from both cancer and aging.

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